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  | 10
  | 10
  | Indigenous Mice
  | Indigenous Mice
  | align="left" | [[SUPER brie+|SUPER|brie+]] cheese
  | align="left" | [[Ancient Relic]]<br/>[[SUPER brie+|SUPER|brie+]] cheese
  | align="left" | [[Champion]]
  | align="left" | [[Champion]]

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The shores of the great Tribal Island is where the Elub Tribe call home. The Elub utilize the resources of the ocean to build tools and shelter. Use of a Hydro trap is highly recommended while hunting for the Elub.

Description and Requirements

The Elub Shore is a location in the Tribal Isles region requiring a minimum rank of Legendary and crafted Ocean Navigation Kit to enter. Mice in this location may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.


There are no shops in Elub Shore. Shops for the Tribal Isles region can be found in the Cape Clawed.

Elub Shore Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Alchemist 1,310 125 The Elub Tribe Seashell
Alnitak 8,170 2,560 The Elub Tribe Seashell
Black Widow 480 10 Indigenous Mice Ancient Relic
SUPER|brie+ cheese
Champion 13,800 3,360 The Elub Tribe Blue Pepper Seed
Elub Chieftain 16,560 7,520 The Elub Tribe Ancient Frayed Blueprint
Blue Pepper Seed
Mystic 7,500 2,000 The Elub Tribe Seashell
Pack 6,000 908 The Elub Tribe Seashell
Pinchy 325 400 Aquatic Order
Protector 12,545 3,360 The Elub Tribe Blue Pepper Seed
Scout 1,190 110 The Elub Tribe Seashell
Soothsayer 9,075 3,600 The Elub Tribe Seashell
Taleweaver 1,090 99 The Elub Tribe Seashell
Vanquisher 9,980 2,560 The Elub Tribe Seashell
  • Highlighted mice are less than 1% of the population and are infrequently encountered in this location.

Hunting Strategy

Cheese Usage

Gouda should be used if you are looking for Seashell, though Brie can also be used with some success. Shell should be used if you are looking for Blue Pepper Seed and the Ancient Frayed Blueprint.

Pinchy Mice can occasionally be encountered in Elub Shore when not using Gouda or SUPER|brie+.

Hunting tips by Larry

I welcome you to Elub Shore, although the mice of the Elub Tribe do not share my sense of hospitality!

The mice of the Elub Tribe treasure wisdom and knowledge over strength and power. As a result, you'll find the Shore an excellent place to expand your hunting knowledge and move up in the ranks of MouseHunting! To be successful here, you will need either Gouda or SUPER|brie+ and a Hydro weapon. If you lack a Hydro weapon, return to the Trapsmith on the S.S. Huntington III or the General Store back in Cape Clawed, which carries a blueprint for a very powerful Hydro trap.

You may notice that some of the mice here carry Seashells. Mice of the Elub Tribe enjoy the salt deposits found in the shells, and grind them up to make an oddly shaped delicacy called Shell Cheese. If you figure out the recipe, be sure you are well prepared, as I suspect the most skilled mice in the tribe, including their leader, the Chieftain, will quickly attack your trap.

Oh, and one more thing. . . do you mind turning down the volume on that Hunter's Horn? I am going to find a comfy spot on the beach to relax!

History and Trivia

The names of three locations in the Tribal Isles are roughly the tribes' colours backwards. Elub Shore takes its name after the colour 'blue', and the Elub tribe mice wear blue clothes.


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