King's Stockade

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Description and Requirements

The King's Stockade is a special location where players who have violated the terms of the game are placed. It's not a real hunting location, but more like a displaying sign to make it known that a certain player is banned.

Quoted from Giorgio Sintichakis on the MouseHunt Tavern discussion boards:

It's not a "real" place. It only appears for those who are banned. Just a little way to reassure those involved that the culprit has been dealt with, such as in cases of scams, hacking, trouble-making, etc. The parties involved and victimized can see their "location" and be at rest that the devs have stepped in and dealt with things.


When a Hunter has active restrictions, they are displayed on the Profile tab of Hunter's Profile page. The information that can normally be seen on that tab would be not visible to other players, while other tabs still work as usual.

These are the types of restrictions a player can have:

  • Communication restriction prevents:
  • Accessing the forum
  • Posting to cork boards (including the Hunter's own cork board)
  • Trade restriction prevents:
  • Competitive restriction prevents:
  • Interaction restriction prevents:
  • All restrictions listed above
  • Joining Treasure Maps (the player can still open maps but can neither invite other players nor listing the maps)
  • Going on hunts with friends
  • Banishment is essentially Interaction restriction.
  • Upon taking the restriction, the player is removed from all Treasure Map and Team.
  • King's Stockade prevents:
  • Accessing any feature within the game

History and Trivia

  • The King's Stockade is the title of one of the books in Zurreal's Folly.
  • 11 June 2019: Communication, Trade Embargo, Competitive, and Interaction restrictions were introduced to the system.
  • 5 July 2019: Banishment was introduced.
  • 23 July 2021: Banished players can no longer list their treasure maps to the community.


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