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This celestial event of festive proportions has crashed into Gnawnia! Although the original origin of this cheer-spreading comet are unknown, hunters from across the Kingdom are calling its arrival cause for festive celebration!

Description and Requirements

The Festive Comet is a special location first available during The Great Winter Hunt '09 and currently during The Great Winter Hunt 2010. There are no special requirements for hunters to enter this area. Mice are unable to steal gold or points in this location but may steal cheese if not caught.

Catch statistics from the Festive Comet are grouped with those from the Heart of the Tiger Party under the King's Party Zone location name.

If a hunter was still in the Festive Comet when it melted, he was moved back to Gnawnia at no cost with the following message:

"As the last snowflake of the Festive Comet melted I moved to the Town of Gnawnia to continue hunting."


These are the shops that can be found in the Festive Comet:

During the Great Winter Hunt '09 there was no Trapsmith, Cheese Shoppe, or Cartographer at the Festive Comet. A gift shop known as the Festive Gift Shoppe was introduced along with this location.

Festive Comet Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Abominable Snow 1,750 1,750 Indigenous Mice Six Snow Balls 1
Three Santa Hats 1
Bear 310 575 Indigenous Mice Seven Gingerbread Mice 1
Black Widow 1 480 10 Indigenous Mice SUPER|brie+ cheese
Candy Cane 1 600 600 Event Mice Candies
Icing Sugar
One Droid Action Figure
Ten Candy Canes
Centaur 1 3,800 960 Forest Guild Nine Reindeer Antlers
Christmas Tree 1 2,600 1,200 Event Mice Eleven Coloured Lights
Gingerbread Base Blueprints
Gingerbread House Plans
Icing Sugar
Three Santa Hats
Twelve Liters of Egg Nog
Dwarf 225 450 Indigenous Mice Eight Elf Shoes 1
Two Festive Mitts 1
Elf 900 750 Event Mice Eight Elf Shoes 1
Gingerbread House Plans 2
Blue Winter Hunt Gift Box 2
Green Winter Hunt Gift Box 2
Red Winter Hunt Gift Box 2
Frosty Snow 600 300 Indigenous Mice
Frozen 300 300 Indigenous Mice Eleven Coloured Lights 1
Gargoyle 1 5,600 2,800 The Forgotten Mice Twelve Liters of Egg Nog
Hydra 9,640 5,760 Aquatic Order Bolt of Cloth 2
Scrap Metal 2
Splintered Wood 2
Ten Candy Canes 1
Moosker 1 80 125 Forest Guild
Nutcracker 1 3,000 300 Event Mice Icing Sugar
Plank of Gingerbread
Six Snow Balls
Ornament 1 900 2,600 Event Mice Five Ornaments
Gingerbread Base Blueprints
Icing Sugar
Present 1 900 900 Event Mice Icing Sugar
Nine Reindeer Antlers
Plank of Gingerbread
Seven Gingerbread Mice
Two Festive Mitts
Scrooge 1 70 3,000 Event Mice Satchel of Gold worth 1,000 gold
Satchel of Gold worth 5,000 gold
Twelve Liters of Egg Nog
Steel 270 500 Indigenous Mice Scrap Metal 2
Stocking 1 900 300 Event Mice Four Festive Stockings
Icing Sugar
Plank of Gingerbread
Toy 500 500 Event Mice Twelve Liters of Egg Nog1
Frozen Fromage 2
Treant 1,300 600 Forest Guild Five Ornaments 1
Splintered Wood 2
Troll 8,190 8,190 Forest Guild Brie cheese
Cheddar cheese
Four Festive Stockings 1
Marble cheese
Swiss cheese
Satchel of Gold worth 1,000 gold
White 70 100 Indigenous Mice Cheddar cheese 2
Marble cheese2
One Droid Action Figure 1
Worker 300 2,200 Followers of Furoma Gingerbread House Plans
Splintered Wood
1 Only available during The Great Winter Hunt '09
2 Only available during The Great Winter Hunt 2010

Hunting Strategy

In this location, there are mice of four different power types (Hydro, Physical, Forgotten and Tactical). There are currently no traps that are effective against both Forgotten and Tactical mice, so the hunter needs to pick the trap with the power type of their most desired mice. Alternatively, hunters may consider using the luckiest trap available to them.

SUPER|brie+ and Gingerbread cheese are the only cheeses that are consistently effective in attracting all of the festive mice that are exclusive to this location, though SUPER|brie+ seems to be better in obtaining the Christmas Tree Mouse (see the main Christmas Tree Mouse article) and is essentially necessary to attract the Worker Mouse. The use of conventional cheeses such as Brie or Swiss does not attract the festive mice as much and eliminates altogether the attraction of several mice including the Scrooge, Christmas Tree, Troll, Hydra and Gargoyle. The overall attraction rate of regular cheese is rather low in this location, but the Abominable Snow Mouse is still attracted to your trap.

Hunting tips by Larry

Welcome to the Festive Comet, MouseHunter!

This massive snowy comet smashed into Gnawnia resulting in an explosion of candy canes and snow! It's arrival in Gnawnia marks the beginning of the Great Winter Hunt!

Some pesky Elf mice have ran off with presents. If you catch an Elf mouse you'll find a gift specially wrapped depending on your Hunter's Title. Many of the gifts contain a little cheese to help you in your hunting, but occasionally you may just find something a little more special. To attract Elf mice more often, I suggest using SUPER|brie+ or Gingerbread Cheese as bait.

On November 29th is the Great Winter Star Ceremony. There's always a few mice that try and crash the party so make sure to check back and be ready to defend the Festive Comet!

Don't forget your mittens and toque! Happy holiday hunting!


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