Foreword Farm

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Foreword Farm
Region: Folklore Forest
Minimum Rank: Archduke/Archduchess
Travel Requirement: Legendary Looking Glass
Required Power Type: Tactical
Required Cheese: Standard Cheese
Number of Mice: 8
Shops: Cheese Shoppe
Charm Shoppe
General Store
Release Date: 26 July 2022
Tend these fertile fields to grow a bountiful harvest of Parable Papyrus!


Foreword Farm is a hunting location in Folklore Forest region.

Foreword Farm, Prologue Pond, and Table of Contents are 3 connected hunting locations.

They require the minimum rank of Archduke/Archduchess and the Legendary Looking Glass to access.

Parable Papyrus earned here can be used to purchase different type of cheese to use in Table of Contents.
Crop Coin earned here can be used to unlock several Upgrades in those 3 locations.

Gameplay Mechanics


In Foreword Farm, the Planting Mechanics are in effect.

  • There are 3 planting plots.
    • The first plot is available as soon as the Hunter enters this location.
    • The second and third plot can be unlocked by spending certain resources in Upgrades.
  • There are 4 types of plant.
  • Planting consumes a cost and places a plant into one plot.
    • Each plot can hold 1 active plant and 1 queued plant.
    • Catching mice help the plants growing.
      • Newly placed plants start at 0 cm.
      • Each catch grows active plants by 10 cm. This can be doubled to 20 cm with the use of Condensed Creativity.
      • Once a plant reaches 200 cm, it will mature, and:
        • The yield is added to the harvest bin.
        • The queued plant becomes active.
  • The Hunter can choose to uproot a plant. Doing so will remove the plant from the plot and refund its cost.
  • The number and type of active plants determine available mice.
Plant Cost Base Yield Bonus Yield from Upgrades
Hyper Pollinator Filtered Well Water Enriched Soil Titanium Pruning Shears Enriched Soil
Titanium Pruning Shears
Mythical Mulch Plant 10 Papyrus Seed 5 Mythical Mulch
5 Crop Coin
5 Papyrus Seed 10 Mythical Mulch N/A N/A N/A
Magic Mythical Mulch Plant 10 Papyrus Seed
3 Magic Essence
10 Mythical Mulch
5 Crop Coin
Parable Papyrus Plant 10 Papyrus Seed
20 Mythical Mulch
10 Papyrus Seed
100 Parable Papyrus
20 Crop Coin
N/A 100 Parable Papyrus 100 Parable Papyrus 300 Parable Papyrus
Magic Parable Papyrus Plant 10 Papyrus Seed
20 Mythical Mulch
3 Magic Essence
10 Papyrus Seed
200 Parable Papyrus
20 Crop Coin
200 Parable Papyrus 400 Parable Papyrus


The Hunter can upgrade their plots to gain different boosts on hunting in the location.
An unlocked upgrade affects all crops currently in the Harvest Bin, even if the plants grew to maturity before the upgrade was purchased.
Unlocking each upgrade rewards 10 Condensed Creativity.

Upgrade Description Cost
Gold Crop
Gnawbel Prize
for Literature
Unlock 2nd Farm Plot Unlock a second plot in the Foreword Farm! 150,000 15 -
Hire Farmhands Doubles loot drops of Papyrus Seeds and Crop Coins! 500,000 50 -
Unlock 3rd Farm Plot
Requires Unlock 2nd Farm Plot
Unlock a third plot in the Foreword Farm! 1,000,000 200 -
Hyper Pollinator Adds 5 Papyrus Seeds to all plant yields! 2,500,000 500 15
Filtered Well Water Adds 10 Mythical Mulch to the yield from all Mythical Mulch Plants! 5,000,000 1,000 150
Enriched Soil Adds 100 Parable Papyrus to the yield from all Parable Papyrus Plants 10,000,000 1.500 500
Titanium Pruning Shears Doubles the harvest yield of Parable Papyrus! 10,000,000 3,000 2,500

Heads-Up Display


Info interface

Each tab provides information on what to do in each location.

Foreword Farm

Tend your fields and harvest Parable Papyrus in the Foreword Farm!

Hunt with any standard bait to collect Papyrus Seeds.

Use Papyrus Seeds to plant Mythical Mulch Plants.

Defend your crops from the hungry pest mice. Each catch will grow your plants!

Harvest Mythical Mulch and use it with Papyrus Seeds to plant Parable Papyrus Plants.

Grow your plants to maturity and harvest Parable Papyrus.

Prologue Pond

Go fishing for Inspiration Ink at the Prologue Pond!

Hunt with any standard bait to collect Ingenuity Grubs then use them to craft Grubbeen Cheese.

Hunt with Grubbeen Cheese to collect Pond Pennies and use them to craft Brainstorm Chum.

Scatter Brainstorm Chum while hunting with Grubbeen cheese to collect Cleverness Clams.

Use Cleverness Clams to craft Clamembert Cheese and use it with Brainstorm Chum to collect Inspiration Ink.

Table of Contents

Write your masterpiece in the Table of Contents to earn Gnawbel Prizes for Literature!

Start writing a book with any standard bait and collect Draft Derby Curds.

Catch mice to write words! The mouse's point value will determine how many words you write per catch.

Use Draft Derby Curds with Parable Papyrus and Inspiration Ink to craft the various tiers of Draft Derby Cheese.

Each tier of Draft Derby cheese will attract mice with higher point values, allowing you to write longer books.

Longer books will reward more Draft Derby Curds and more Gnawbel Prizes for Literature!

Once you reach the Encyclopedia of Lore, you can use Final Draft Derby to attract the Mythweaver!






All mice found in Foreword Farm are part of the Foreword Farmers group.

Only Tactical power type works against these mice.

The mouse attraction pool depends on the number of plant growing.

Condensed Creativity doubles the loot drop of Crop Coin, Parable Papyrus, and Papyrus Seed.

Mouse Points Gold Sub-group 0 Plant 1 Plant 2 Plants 3 Plants 3 Parable Papyrus Plants Loot
Angry Aphid 55,000 7,500 Petulant Pests X X X X Condensed Creativity
Crop Coin
Crazed Cultivator
Requires SUPER|brie+
50,000 5,000 Seed Stowers X X X X X Condensed Creativity
Papyrus Seed
Grit Grifter 58,000 9,000 Seed Stowers X X X Papyrus Seed
Land Loafer 50,000 7,000 Seed Stowers X Papyrus Seed
Loathsome Locust 65,000 20,000 Petulant Pests X Ancient Relic
Condensed Creativity
Crop Coin
Flawless Orb
Parable Papyrus
Mighty Mite 60,000 10,000 Petulant Pests X X Condensed Creativity
Crop Coin
Root Rummager 55,000 7,500 Seed Stowers X X Papyrus Seed
Wily Weevil 58,000 8,500 Petulant Pests X X X Condensed Creativity
Crop Coin

Hunting Strategy

Hunting Tips by Larry

Greetings hunter and welcome to the Foreword Farm!

The soil here seems to be enchanted and is unlike anywhere else in the Kingdom! Under the right conditions, you should be able to grow and harvest a new and very valuable crop called Parable Papyrus!

Start by collecting Papyrus Seeds from the Seed Stower mice that are wandering the fields and use them to plant Mythical Mulch Plants. Once you start growing any kind of plant, you'll begin to attract the Petulant Pest mice who have an insatiable appetite for your delicious crops. The more plants you grow, the more pests you'll attract so be ready for these ravenous rascals. Defend your plants from these pests and grow them to maturity in order to collect their bountiful harvest.

Harvesting Mythical Mulch Plants will earn you a potent material called... you guessed it, Mythical Mulch! By planting Papyrus Seeds and Mythical Mulch together, you can grow the extremely valuable Parable Papyrus Plant! The Parable Papyrus that you harvest from this precious plant will become very useful when you get to the Table of Contents.

There is another type of plant available to cultivate here but hunters should be warned that although it's quite valuable to harvest, planting too many of these Twisted plants may attract a very dangerous adversary to your field!

Happy hunting and harvesting!

Adventure Book

The Hunter can complete steps of the Outwrite the Mythweaver adventure in Foreword Farm.


These are the shops found in Foreword Farm.

Cheese Shoppe

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Gouda Cheese 600 Gold None 600 Gold
Brie Cheese 200 Gold None 200 Gold
Swiss Cheese 100 Gold None 100 Gold


Item Power Type Cost Requirement Refund
Tome of the Mind's Eye Trap Forgotten 15,000,000 gold
100 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
None N/A
Charming PrinceBot Physical 26,000,000 gold
2,500 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
None N/A
Dark Magic Mirrors Trap Shadow 59,000,000 gold
2,500 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
None N/A

Charm Shoppe

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Charmbit 25 Gold None 20 Gold
Spore Charm 1,000 gold
15 Crop Coin
None N/A
Super Spore Charm 1,500 gold
2 Spore Charm
None N/A
Extreme Spore Charm 2,000 gold
2 Super Spore Charm
1 Outwrite the Mythweaver N/A
Ultimate Spore Charm 2,500 gold
2 Extreme Spore Charm
20 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
1 Outwrite the Mythweaver N/A

General Store

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Mythical Mulch 1,000 gold
10 Papyrus Seed
None N/A
Curds and Whey 12 Gold None 3 Gold
Ionized Salt 450 Gold None 150 Gold
Unstable Manuscript 5 Gnawbel Prize for Literature None N/A
Unstable Magnum Opus 1,000 Gnawbel Prize for Literature None N/A
Floating Bookmobile Airship Balloon 1,500,000 gold
300 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
None N/A
Floating Bookmobile Airship Sail 1,500,000 gold
300 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
None N/A
Floating Bookmobile Airship Hull 1,500,000 gold
300 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
None N/A
Table of Contents Journal Theme 2,500,000 gold
3,000 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
None N/A


Item Cost Requirement Refund
Farming and Fishing Scroll Case 3 Ancient Relic None N/A
Folklore Forest Prelude Scroll Case 10 Ancient Relic
100 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
None N/A

History and Trivia

Links and Images

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