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Hunter's Titles are indicators of experience and seniority in MouseHunt. As Hunters acquire more Wisdom, they gain access to new areas (with the appropriate Maps and Keys) and become more effective at Crafting and using Potions. Hunters can also use a greater variety of Trap components as they advance through Hunter's Titles.

A common misconception is that a Hunter's Title is determined by the number of Points a Hunter has: Points are actually mainly used to determine a Hunter's rank on the Scoreboard, with the exception of some Weapon requirements (see History and Trivia section below).


Shield Image
Hi-Res Image
Crafting Slots
Additional Abilities
Novice Novice Shield Novice Shield Meadow 1 -
Recruit Recruit Shield Recruit Shield Town of Gnawnia 2 -
Apprentice Apprentice Shield Apprentice Shield King's Arms
Tournament Hall
5 -
Initiate Initiate Shield Initiate Shield Harbour 6 2
Journeyman Shield Journeyman Shield Mountain
Calm Clearing
8 3

"Master" redirects here. For other uses, see Master (disambiguation).
Master Shield Master Shield Laboratory
Town of Digby
Great Gnarled Tree
12 4
Grandmaster Grandmaster Shield Grandmaster Shield Bazaar
Training Grounds
Meditation Room
Pinnacle Chamber
18 5
Legendary Legendary Shield Legendary Shield Catacombs
Forbidden Grove
Acolyte Realm
S.S. Huntington IV
Cape Clawed
Elub Shore
Nerg Plains
Derr Dunes
26 6
Hero Hero Shield Hero Shield Jungle of Dread
King's Gauntlet
Toxic Spill
29 7
Knight Knight Shield Knight Shield Dracano
Balack's Cove
31 8
Lord/Lady Lord/Lady Shield Lord/Lady Shield Seasonal Garden
Zugzwang's Tower
Crystal Library
Slushy Shoreline
Claw Shot City
Gnawnian Express Station
38 9
Baron/Baroness Baron/Baroness Shield Baron/Baroness Shield Fort Rox
Fiery Warpath
Muridae Market
Living Garden
Lost City
Sand Dunes
Twisted Garden
Cursed City
Sand Crypts
47 10
Count/Countess Count/Countess Shield Count/Countess Shield Gnawnia Rift
Sunken City
Cantera Quarry
Prickly Plains
Queso River
Queso Geyser
53 11
Duke/Duchess Duke/Duchess Shield Duke/Duchess Shield Burroughs Rift
Whisker Woods Rift
Fungal Cavern
58 12
Grand Duke/
Grand Duchess
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess Shield Grand Duke/Grand Duchess Shield Furoma Rift
Bristle Woods Rift
Moussu Picchu
61 12
Archduke/Archduchess Shield Archduke/Archduchess Shield Valour Rift
Floating Islands
Foreword Farm
Prologue Pond
Table of Contents
66 12
Viceroy Viceroy Shield Viceroy Shield Bountiful Beanstalk
School of Sorcery
68 12
Elder Elder Shield Elder Shield - 68 13
Sage Sage Shield Sage Shield - 68 14
Fabled Fabled Shield Fabled Shield - 68 15


  • The in-game count does not distinguish between normal and twisted realm while the above table does count the twisted locations.
  • The Toxic Spill severity level restricts which ranks may enter it. The lowest possible rank that may enter the Toxic Spill is Hero. The location counts above include the Toxic Spill for ranks for Hero and greater.

Title Advancement

Hunters advance through each title through acquiring Wisdom: the higher a hunter's title, the more Wisdom is required to progress to the next title. The primary method of acquiring Wisdom is through hunting: every hunt gives some base Wisdom, with active (own horn) hunts giving slightly more than passive (trap check or friend's horn) hunts. This base Wisdom is acquired even during unsuccessful hunts where a mouse is not attracted or when one steals points or cheese. If one catches a mouse, additional Wisdom is acquired based on the mouse caught. The additional Wisdom and the mouse's points are somewhat correlated, although not perfectly: for example, the same chess piece from opposing sides of Wizard's Pieces have different points but award the same Wisdom upon capture.

Besides catching mice, opening a Tome of Wisdom or claiming an Adventure Book reward will also grant Wisdom.

Upon reaching the next title, a message will appear on the Hunter's Journal notifying the hunter on the new title. Hunters will also receive rewards depending on the title attained. In addition, hunters can also share 1 King's Credit each with 3 friends by publishing it to their news feed.

Previous Title New Title Reward
Novice Recruit 1,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Recruit Apprentice 2,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Apprentice Initiate 3,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Initiate Journeyman 4,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Journeyman Master 5,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Master Grandmaster 6,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Grandmaster Legendary 7,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Legendary Hero 8,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Hero Knight 9,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Knight Lord/Lady 10,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Lord/Lady Baron/Baroness 11,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Baron/Baroness Count/Countess 12,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Count/Countess Duke/Duchess 13,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Duke/Duchess Grand Duke/

Grand Duchess

14,000 gold
10 King's Credit
Grand Duke/

Grand Duchess



15,000 gold
10 King's Credit


Viceroy 25,000 gold
20 King's Credit
Viceroy Elder 50,000 gold
50 King's Credit
Elder Sage 100,000 gold
100 King's Credit
Sage Fabled 200,000 gold
150 King's Credit

History and Trivia

  • Before 30 June 2010, the Recruit and Initiate titles did not exist. The old Novice was split into Novice and Recruit, and the old Apprentice was split into Apprentice and Initiate.
  • Previously, the shield images of Lady, Baroness, and Countess had a pink outline instead of the blue outline of their male and unidentified gender equivalents. In all other ways, these shields were the same.
  • Duchess was originally spelled as Dutchess. The devs changed this on 12 October 2010, only a few hours after the title was introduced.
  • Grand Duchess was originally spelled as Grand Dutchess. It was changed on 5 July 2011, approximately ten days after the title was received.
  • 29 August 2017: Viceroy, Elder, and Sage ranks were established. The ranking system underwent an overhaul that saw some Hunters receive a boost in rank advancement.
  • 17 October 2018, Trap components were changed to have a minimum title requirement instead of a minimum points requirement, except for Timesplit Dissonance Trap (and its upgrades Celestial Dissonance Trap & Chrome Celestial Dissonance Trap), which has both a minimum title requirement and a minimum points requirement.
  • The Fabled rank was revealed when the first hunter ranked up from Sage and is currently the highest title available to Hunters. At that rank, Hunters no longer make any progress towards the next rank: the phrase MAX TITLE is indicated in the progress bar and the Hunter perpetually remains at 0% Fabled.

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