Sand Crypts

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While there's no Grubling Mice in the area, slime trails indicate they've been through here. Perhaps they've been bringing food or something else to the immense and powerful King Grub Mouse that lives in the area?

Description and Requirements

The Sand Crypts is a location in the Sandtail Desert region requiring a minimum rank of Baron/Baroness and the Living Garden Key to enter. It is the alternate version of the Sand Dunes, and can only be accessed after catching a Carmine the Apothecary in the Living Garden and being transported to the Twisted Garden.

Using the wrong cheese (anything but Graveblossom) will transport the hunter back to the Sand Dunes, and the following message will be displayed in the Hunter's Journal:
Almost as if an illusion was suddenly shattered, the world around me snaps back to normal. Using X Cheese has brought me back to the normal world.
If an M400 Hunting Research Assignment locates the M400 in the Sand Dunes, a hunter can encounter it in the Sand Crypts, but will be dropped to normal reality for hunting with the wrong cheese.


These are the shops that can be found in the Living Garden:

Sand Crypt Mice

The Hunter may capture Carmine the Apothecary in the Living Garden at any time to gain access to the Sand Crypt.

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
King Grub 35,000 8,500 Sand Dunes Mice Dol Essence
Est Essence
Fel Essence
Lunaria Petal
King Scarab 175,000 22,500 Sand Dunes Mice Living Garden Theme Scrap 3
Scarab Chest
Sand Colossus 20,500 1,500 Sand Dunes Mice Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Lunaria Petal
Sarcophamouse 17,000 2,550 Sand Dunes Mice Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Lunaria Petal
Scarab 16,500 3,500 Sand Dunes Mice Ber Essence
Cynd Essence
Lunaria Petal
Serpentine 25,250 1,650 Sand Dunes Mice Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Cynd Essence
Lunaria Petal

Hunting Strategy

King Grub Minigame

This minigame is not 'activated' in the usual sense. To play, a hunter needs to arm Grub Salt Charms and hunt normally. As the player catches mice, the salt meter will increase (i.e. the King Grub Mouse will be weakened), although the meter is capped at a maximum of 50 salt. The hunter can use Grub Scent Charms whenever he/she wants to to attract the King Grub Mouse; hunting before completely filling the meter is more difficult, but may result in fewer net essences spent over the course of the minigame. The meter will reset after successfully catching the King Grub, with the following message in the Hunter's Journal:

Whoa, the King Grub mouse nearly wrecked my trap! He definitely dislodged all the salt and left his ah... distinct smell about the place! I'll need to re-salt and scent my trap before attracting another one.
I should unequip my Grub Scent Charms and save them for later.

A hunter can choose to arm a Shattering Charm instead of a Grub Scent Charm to attract a King Scarab. Catching him resets the salt meter as well, leaving the following message in the Hunter's Journal:

Success! Though it took an incredible amount of salt, patience, and luck, I was able to catch the massive and terrible King Scarab mouse! Of course, I'll have to re-salt my trap before attracting any more big game.

Adventure Book

Hunters can complete steps to Defeat Twisted Carmine by hunting with Graveblossom Camembert in the Sand Crypts.

Hunting tips by Larry

You're going to need a lot of Graveblossom Camembert here. The mice in these crypts don't seem to like anything else! Plus, any other cheese just doesn't feel... appropriate here in this world.

There don't seem to be any grublings in these crypts, but there's definite evidence they've been here, with slime trails littering the ground. At any rate, Grubling Chow Charms won't help here.

Instead, listen close and you'll hear the roar of the King Grub Mouse. He's huge, and powerful, and up to no good! Now, while catching him is definitely in your best interests, he's not going to be an easy fight!

First, you'll need to liberally apply coatings of salt to your trap by purchasing and using Grub Salt Charms, then when you feel you've salted your trap enough, purchase and use some Grub Scent Charms to draw him to your trap and steal his Garden Essences.

The King Grub Mouse is hoarding Garden Essences, but why?

Location-Specific Effects



History and Trivia

  • The Twisted Garden opened on 14 November 2012, along with the Living Garden.
  • The King Scarab mouse was added on 14 January 2013.


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