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The ground floor of the Furoma Pagoda is where students most frequently train. Be cautious of your trap setup when hunting here, students are resistant to basic attacks.

Description and Requirements

The Dojo is a location in the Furoma region requiring a minimum rank of Grandmaster and the Furoma Map Stitch to enter.


There are no shops available in the Dojo. Shops for the Furoma region can be found in the Training Grounds.

Dojo Mice

Mouse Max Points Min Gold Power Type Loot
Archer 4,500 751 Tactical Satchel of Gold worth 250 gold
Assassin 5,000 3,401 Tactical Satchel of Gold worth 1,000 gold
Ambush Trap Blueprints
Black Widow 480 11 Physical SUPER|brie+ cheese
Diamond 1,200 601 Physical
Gold 600 1,201 Physical
Hapless 50 71 Tactical
Kung Fu 4,750 801 Tactical Satchel of Gold worth 500 gold
Combat Research worth 750 bonus points
Monk 5,250 951 Tactical Satchel of Gold worth 750 gold
Ninja 2,750 351 Tactical
Samurai 5,000 851 Tactical Satchel of Gold worth 500 gold
Combat Research worth 1,250 bonus points
Student of the Cheese Belt 6,250 451 Tactical Token of the Cheese Belt
Satchel of Gold worth 750 gold
Plankrun's Journal Entries on the Dojo
Student of the Cheese Claw 6,250 451 Tactical Token of the Cheese Claw
Satchel of Gold worth 750 gold
Plankrun's Journal Entries on the Dojo
Student of the Cheese Fang 6,250 451 Tactical Token of the Cheese Fang
Satchel of Gold worth 750 gold
Plankrun's Journal Entries on the Dojo
Worker 300 2,201 Tactical Splintered Wood
Ambush Trap Blueprints
  • Highlighted mice are those rarely encountered in the location.

Hunting Strategy

Hunters have several Trap Setup Options for the Dojo. Hunters who purchased the Zugzwang's Last Move in the Training Grounds or the Venus Mouse Trap in the Great Gnarled Tree should have no trouble catching mice in the Dojo except for the occasional Student and Assassin mice. The Students in the Dojo drop Tokens which can be crafted into powerful cheese that can even lure out their Masters. Hunters should collect these Tokens until they feel comfortable enough with the amount of cheese they can craft before they enter the Meditation Room to catch the Masters.

Cheese Usage

For hunters who prefer to hunt at a regular pace, using Brie or Swiss cheese is more than adequate in this location.

However, hunters that want to encounter more Students are advised to bait their traps with either Maki or SUPER|brie+ cheese. Both are known to attract all mouse breeds, but Maki tends to attract more Students than usual. SUPER|brie+ is more balanced, and is known to attract not just more Students, but also Black Widows and the prize mice. Worker mice have a preference for SUPER|brie+ and are only rarely encountered with other cheeses in the Dojo.

Hunting tips by Larry

Welcome to the Dojo!

The Dojo is where the students of the three Furoma schools train. The three schools are: Claw, Belt and Fang. If you catch one of the students, there is a very good chance they will drop one of their school's tokens. These tokens are vital in the creation of three very special forms of cheese.

Carefully read the descriptions of the tokens you collect for clues on how to craft special flavours of cheese. There are even rumors that one of Plankrun's Journal Pages can be found in the Dojo which may hold some interesting information.

Once you've collected tokens and made new types of cheese, you'll want to head to the Meditation Room where you can hunt the students' masters.

One discovered weakness of the Furoma students is Maki cheese. You can make Maki by smashing three pieces of SUPER|brie+ with your Hunter's Hammer then combining them with three Curds and Whey and one piece of Nori. Although Maki will make a few more student mice come to your trap, it will not guarantee that you'll catch them.

Confused about crafting and how to make cheese? You can read the discoveries and research of your fellow hunters within the MouseHunt Wiki or ask questions on the discussion boards.

Finally, I have a suspicion that incredibly dangerous Assassin mice may be in the Dojo on a hunting mission of their own. Catching one these mice may reveal clues on better ways to combat the forces of Furoma.


Trap Setup Options for the Dojo

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