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Region: Gnawnia
Minimum Rank: Journeyman
Travel Requirement: None
Number of Mice: 18
Shops: Charm Shoppe
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: Yes
Lose Cheese: Yes
Release Date: 10 April 2008
This treacherous environment only allows the toughest of mice to survive. Be warned: the Mountain is no place for the novice mouse hunter!


The Mountain is a location in the Gnawnia region requiring a minimum rank of Journeyman to enter.
Mice in the Mountain may steal points, gold, or cheese.
The Mountain contains the only Charm Shoppe where Hunters can purchase the Charm Conduit, which allows the arming of Charms.
Hunters accessing the Mountain for the first time will only have access to Physical weapons, but the mice here have a weakness to all Power Types, except the Ninja Mouse which has a weakness only to Tactical and Physical weapons.


All mice in the Mountain, except the Ninja Mouse, are from the Indigenous Mice group and are weak to all Power Types.
The Ninja Mouse is one of the Followers of Furoma and Tactical traps are very effective against it. Physical traps are of normal effectiveness. All other Power Types are ineffective.

Cheese Preference and Loot

Standard Cheese attracts most mice in the Mountain.
White Cheddar Cheese will reduce the mouse population by repelling the Brown, Grey, and White mice.
SUPER|brie+ will attract all mice in the Mountain.
Prospector's Charms increase the attraction rate of Gold, Diamond, and (with SUPER|brie+ armed) Silvertail mice.



Abominable Snow 1,750 1,750 X X X Ancient Relic
Divine Orb
Bionic 300 550 X X X
Black Widow
Extremely rare
480 10 X Ancient Relic
Brown 115 150 X X
Diamond 1,200 600 X X X Simple Orb
Dwarf 225 450 X X X
Fog 800 800 X
Frosty Snow 600 300 X
Frozen 300 300 X X X
Gold 600 1,200 X X X Simple Orb
Granite 285 525 X X X
Grey 90 125 X X
Ninja 2,750 350 X X X Laboratory Map Piece
Pebble 200 600 X
Silvertail 1,200 1,200 X Simple Orb
Steel 270 500 X X X
White 70 100 X X
Zombie 2,700 2,700 X X X

Mice with Special Requirements

Hunting Strategy

Mice in the Mountain are attracted to Standard Cheeses.
All mice in the Mountain are weak to all Power Types except the Ninja Mouse, which has a weakness only to Tactical, and Physical weapons.
Hunters who reach the Rank of Master will be able to travel to the Great Gnarled Tree, Laboratory, Mousoleum, and Town of Digby, provided they have the appropriate Maps and Keys.
Hunters will need to loot the Laboratory Map Piece from a Ninja Mouse to be able to travel to the Laboratory and Toxic Spill locations. The Toxic Spill location also require Hunters to be ranked Hero or higher..

Adventure Book

Hunters can Find the Hidden Mountain Pass by catching a Ninja Mouse in the Mountain to find a Laboratory Map Piece.

Library Assignments


Mountain mice are worth points during some Tournaments.

Treasure Maps

Many mice in the Mountain are often found on Gnawnia Treasure Maps and Relic Hunter Treasure Maps.

Hunting tips by Larry

Welcome, Mousehunter! You’re about to discover the stunning vistas and treacherous terrain of... The Mountain!

The Gold and Diamond mice found here are worth a handsome amount of gold and points. Extra income means that you may now be able to afford more expensive cheeses and more powerful traps. Don’t be afraid to head back to town and upgrade your trap and cheese if you have problems attracting or catching mice. You’ve earned it!

I should also warn you that a mysterious Ninja mouse has traveled to the Mountain from the North, carrying a piece of the map. Should you find this rare Ninja and acquire the map piece, it will unlock a new hunting location to the north!

Location-Specific Effects



Moustachio the Charmer opened his first Charm Shoppe in the Mountain. There are no other Shops available in this location.

Charm Shoppe

Per Piece
Per Piece
Charm Conduit 3,000 N/A
Charmbit 25 20
Power Charm 200 60
Attraction Charm 300 90
Luck Charm 400 120
Prospector's Charm
Can also be crafted
450 135

History and Trivia


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