Sand Dunes

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Hunting in the Sand Crypts with any cheese other than Graveblossom Camembert will transport Hunters to the Sand Dunes.

Sand Dunes
Region: Sandtail Desert
Minimum Rank: Baron/Baroness
Travel Requirement: Living Garden Key
Required Power Type: Shadow
Required Cheeses: Dewthief Camembert
Required Charms: Grubling Chow Charm
Number of Mice: 6
Shops: Charm Shoppe
Cheese Shoppe
General Store
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: Yes
Lose Cheese: Yes
Release Date: 14 November 2012
Food in the desert is so scare that there is fierce competition between mice over it. Watch out for the vicious grublings in this area, who hoard food and Garden Essences like no other mouse!


The Sand Dunes is a location in the Sandtail Desert region requiring a minimum rank of Baron and the Living Garden Key to enter.

The alternate version of this location, the Sand Crypts, can only be accessed after catching a Carmine the Apothecary in the Living Garden.

Accessing the Twisted World

The Twisted World locations of Twisted Garden, Cursed City, and Sand Crypts can only be accessed by capturing Carmine the Apothecary with Duskshade Camembert in the Living Garden. Capturing Carmine the Apothecary will move the Hunter to the Twisted Garden and the following message is displayed:

On catching Carmine the Apothecary, a light flashes and a spell she had prepared in advance erupts! Nightmarish tendrils of dark smoke burst from the ground around me, and before I knew it the world had changed before my very eyes into a wild and twisted version of itself.
I can feel this world itself attempting to reject me and send me back, but I must stay as long as I am able to find out what Carmine is doing in this hidden, dark place.

Hunting with any cheese other than Graveblossom Camembert in the Sand Crypts will cause Hunters to be moved to the Sand Dunes and the following message will be displayed:

Almost as if an illusion suddenly shattered, the world around me snaps back to normal. Using X Cheese has brought me back to the normal world.

If an M400 Hunting Research Assignment requires capturing the M400 in the Sand Dunes, Hunters can encounter it in the Sand Crypts, but will be dropped to normal reality for hunting with the wrong cheese.

The Living Garden Sequence

Hunters will need to hunt the areas in the Living Garden sub-region in a specific order. The following steps outline the basic requirements for accessing and hunting in each location. Additional information on minigames and other activities can be found on the individual location pages.

The steps of the cycle that can be completed in the Sand Dunes location are highlighted in bold.

Step 1a: Hunt with Standard Cheese in the Living Garden to collect Dewthief Petals.
Step 1b: Use Dewthief Petals to purchase Dewthief Camembert.
Step 2a: Hunt with Dewthief Camembert in the Lost City to collect Dreamfluff Herbs.
Step 2b: Hunt with Dewthief Camembert in the Sand Dunes to collect Duskshade Petals.
Step 2c: Use Dreamfluff Herbs and Duskshade Petals to purchase Duskshade Camembert.
Step 3a: Hunt with Duskshade Camembert in the Living Garden.
Step 3b: Capture Carmine the Apothecary to open the Twisted World and travel to the Twisted Garden.
Step 4a: Hunt with Duskshade Camembert in the Twisted Garden to collect Graveblossom Petals.
Step 4b: Use Graveblossom Petals to purchase Graveblossom Camembert.
Step 5a: Hunt with Graveblossom Camembert in the Cursed City to collect Plumepearl Herbs.
Step 5b: Hunt with Graveblossom Camembert in the Sand Crypts to collect Lunaria Petals.
Step 5c: Use Plumepearl Herbs and Lunaria Petals to purchase Lunaria Camembert.
Hunt with Lunaria Camembert in the Twisted Garden to attract Twisted Carmine.

Sand Dunes HUD

Hunters can access and track the following using the Heads-Up Display:

Grubling Stampede Minigame

This minigame is activated randomly while hunting for mice, or immediately after a successful catch with a Grubling Bonanza Charm armed.

Grubling Bonanza Charm are sometimes made available at Ronza's Traveling Shoppe and can be traded on the Marketplace or through Give To Friends.

During a stampede, the HUD will highlight the Grubling Stampede Alert and the image will change from a barren desert to an image of stampeding Grublings.
The HUD also tracks the Hunter's inventory of Grubling Chow Charms, but the charms cannot be armed through the HUD.

Upon activation of a stampede, the following message is displayed in the Hunter's Journal:

It's a stampede! Grubling Mice are running wild for 15 more hunts!

For the duration of the 15 hunts, if the Hunter has Grubling Chow Charms armed, there is a chance of attracting Grubling mice.
NOTE: If Grubling Chow Charms are not armed, Grubling mice cannot be attracted, and nothing changes during the minigame.

Grubling Chow Charms can be purchased in the Sand Dunes Charm Shoppe in exchange for 350 gold and 1 Aleth Essence.
WARNING: The Grubling Chow Charm will continue to be consumed even if a stampede is not active.

After the 15 hunts, the following message is displayed:

Aw, the Grubling stampede is over. Next time, Grublings!
I guess Grubling Chow Charms won't be needed until the next stampede!

Sand Dunes Mice

All mice found in the Sand Dunes are part of the Sand Dunes Mice group. All mice found here are weak only to Shadow weapons.

Grubling Mouse

The Grubling Mouse can only be encountered during a 'Grubling Stampede while Grubling Chow Charms are armed.
A Grubling Stampede can be triggered by capturing a {{PAGENAME} mouse with a Grubling Bonanza Charm armed.

Cheese Preferences and Loot

Dewthief Camembert is required to attract all mice in the Sand Dunes.

Dunehopper 13,500 1,650 Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Cynd Essence
Duskshade Petal
Requires Grubling Stampede and Grubling Chow Charm
14,500 2,400 Cynd Essence
Duskshade Petal
Grubling Herder 15,675 825 Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Duskshade Petal
Quesodillo 15,750 950 Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Duskshade Petal
Sand Pilgrim 13,250 1,150 Aleth Essence
Duskshade Petal
Spiky Devil 14,500 2,600 Ber Essence
Duskshade Petal

Mice with Special Requirements

Hunting Strategy

Hunters should arm Dewthief Camembert to collect Dreamfluff Herbs from the mice found in the Sand Dunes. Hunters can then use Dreamfluff Herbs (along with Duskshade Petals) to purchase Duskshade Camembert.

Hunters can then return to the Living Garden and arm Duskshade Camembert to capture Carmine the Apothecary which opens the Twisted World and causes Hunters to travel to the Twisted Garden.

Hunters wishing to attract the Grubling Mouse must play the Grubling Stampede Minigame, which requires using Grubling Chow Charms. The Grubling Stampede Minigame can be triggered by capturing a mouse with a Grubling Bonanza Charm.

Location-Specific Effects



Adventure Book

Hunters can complete steps to Defeat Twisted Carmine by hunting with Dewthief Camembert in the Sand Dunes.

Library Assignments


Sand Dunes mice are worth points during some Tournaments.

Treasure Maps

Many mice in the Sand Dunes are often found on Relic Hunter Treasure Maps and Living Garden Treasure Maps.

Hunting tips by Larry

I hope you managed to build up a large collection of Dewthief Camembert, hunter. The mice in these dunes don't seem to like anything else! And be sure to arm your most powerful Shadow trap, as not only will delicious Dewthief attract the mice, but so will the promise of shade from the sun.

There's a lot of competition for food here in the empty desert, and the top competitor is the Grubling Mouse. They dash from food source to food source, gobbling up anything they can find when they get there.

You can take advantage of this by purchasing and using Grubling Chow Charms when there's a grubling warning in effect. Catching Grublings will help you immensely, since they tend to hoard Garden Essences in their attempts to find food.

Or is there perhaps a more sinister reason...?


These are the shops that can be found in the Sand Dunes:

Charm Shoppe

Per Piece
Per Piece
Aromatic Oil 1,000,000 1,000,000
Charmbit 25 20
Epic Orb 125,000 125,000
Grubling Chow Charm 350
1 Aleth Essence

Cheese Shoppe

Per Piece
Per Piece
Gouda 600 600
Dewthief Camembert 750
1 Dewthief Petal
Dewthief Camembert 4-Pack 3,000
3 Dewthief Petal
1 Magic Essence
Duskshade Camembert 1,100
1 Duskshade Petal
1 Dreamfluff Herbs
Duskshade Camembert 4-Pack 4,400
3 Duskshade Petal
3 Dreamfluff Herbs
1 Magic Essence
Graveblossom Camembert 1,500
1 Graveblossom Petal
Graveblossom Camembert 4-Pack 6,000
3 Graveblossom Petal
1 Magic Essence
Lunaria Camembert 1,775
1 Lunaria Petal
1 Plumepearl Herbs
Lunaria Camembert 4-Pack 7,100
3 Lunaria Petal
3 Plumepearl Herbs
1 Magic Essence

General Store

Per Piece
Per Piece
Essence Prism 500 500
Plant Pot 900 900
Umbral Capacitor 500,000 500,000
Rift Base Blueprints 7,500,000 7,500,000

History and Trivia


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