Seasonal Garden

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Seasonal Garden
Region: Rodentia
Minimum Rank: Lord/Lady
Travel Requirement: Zugzwang's Scarf
Recommended Power Types: Winter - Hydro
Spring - Physical
Summer - Tactical
Fall - Shadow
Number of Mice: 24
Shops: Cheese Shoppe
Charm Shoppe
General Store
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: Yes
Lose Cheese: Yes
Release Date: 17 August 2010
Zugzwang's seasonal garden is the perfect destination for those who can't make up their mind about the weather. Every few days, the seasons shift, bringing with them a new crop of mice with different powers. Keep an eye out for the shards of an old key- they might provide the way into that mysterious locked tower.


Seasonal Garden is a hunting location in Rodentia region.
It requires the rank of Lord/Lady and the Zugzwang's Scarf to access.

Mice available in this location is determined by Season, which changes every 80 hours.
The Hunter collects Key Shards here to craft Zugzwang's Tower Key to unlock Zugzwang's Tower location.
Amplifier gained from catching mice here can be used to effectively hunt in Zugzwang's Tower.

This location will be locked when there is an on-going progress in Zugzwang's Tower.
It can be unlocked again and the Hunter transferred to by either:

Gameplay Mechanics


In Seasonal Garden, a Season mechanic is in effect:

  • There are 4 seasons, each has its own mouse sub-group and the corresponding power type effectiveness.
  • Each season lasts for 80 hours.
  • In each season, there is a mouse that can drop a Key Shard to craft Zugzwang's Tower Key to unlock Zugzwang's Tower.
Season Primary weakness Secondary weakness
Winter Hydro Tactical
Spring Physical Tactical
Summer Tactical None
Fall Shadow Tactical

Tower Amplifier

An Amplifier mechanic affects the gameplay in Seasonal Garden and Zugzwang's Tower.

  • Catching mice in this location increases the amplifier.
    • The amplifier gained depends on mouse.
    • There are some Weapons and Charms that can boost the amplifier gained.
  • Failing to attract decreases the amplifier by 3%.
  • The maximum amplifier is determined by the Hunter's rank:

Heads-Up Display

In Seasonal Garden, the HUD shows:

  • An image indicating current season
The season and the types of mice you can catch in the garden change every few days, so be sure to check back often!
Your Tower Amplifier boosts your trap's power inside Zugzwang's Tower. Catching a mouse in the Garden raises the Amplifier's charge, while failing to attract lowers it.
Your amplifier will max out at [X]%.


All mice found in Seasonal Garden are part of the Seasonal Soldiers mouse group.


All mice found during Winter are part of Winter sub-group.

They can be attracted using any Standard Cheese.

Hydro power type is very effective against these mice.
Tactical power type is effective against them.
All other types are ineffective.

Mouse Points Gold Amplifier value Loot
Bruticle 16,560 5,040 4%
Frostbite 11,400 5,040 4%
Icicle 11,980 3,840 3%
Over-Prepared 4,000 500 1%
Penguin 4,500 550 1%
Winter Mage 18,065 9,400 5% Ancient Relic
Winter Key Shard


All mice found during Spring are part of Spring sub-group.

They can be attracted using any Standard Cheese, except for Spring Familiar which requires SUPER|brie+.

Physical power type is very effective against these mice.
Tactical power type is also very effective against them.
All other types are ineffective.

Mouse Points Gold Amplifier value Loot
Derpicorn 2,500 750 1%
Hydrophobe 2,000 500 1%
Puddlemancer 10,480 3,360 3%
Spring Familiar
Requires SUPER|brie+
9,072 760 6% Ancient Relic
Tanglefoot 7,875 3,280 2%
Vinetail 13,172 6,580 5% Spring Key Shard


All mice found during Summer are part of Summer sub-group.

They can be attracted using any Standard Cheese.

Tactical power type is very effective against them.
All other types are ineffective.

Mouse Points Gold Amplifier value Loot
Firebreather 15,180 4,620 4%
Firefly 6,600 2,125 2%
Hot Head 2,250 550 1%
Monarch 2,500 600 1%
Stinger 13,800 4,620 4%
Summer Mage 16,560 7,520 5% Ancient Relic
Summer Key Shard


All mice found during Fall are part of Fall sub-group.

They can be attracted using any Standard Cheese, except for Fall Familiar which requires SUPER|brie+.

Shadow power type is very effective against these mice.
Tactical power type is effective against them.
All other types are ineffective.

Mouse Points Gold Amplifier value Loot
Fall Familiar
Requires SUPER|brie+
9,940 830 6% Ancient Relic
Harvest Harrier 11,477 3,680 3%
Harvester 17,425 8,460 5% Fall Key Shard
Pumpkin Head 4,500 960 1%
Scarecrow 5,000 1,200 1%
Whirleygig 4,000 875 1%

Hunting Strategy

Hunting Tips by Larry

Welcome to the Seasonal Garden, MouseHunter!

I hope you brought a change of clothes with you, because the seasons around here shift every few days, bringing new weather, and new mice to trap.

If you're looking for a good general strategy, a tactical trap will perform well in any season. Most seasons also have another, secret weakness for Hunters to discover on their own, so experiment with different trap setups, and see what works. Be sure to keep an eye out for shards of the key to Zugzwang's Tower, as well- there's one shard hidden in every season.

As you catch mice in the garden, your Tower Amplifier will increase. Failing to attract mice in the garden will cause your Tower Amplifier to decrease.

When your amplifier is charged, it gives a power bonus to your trap when hunting in Zugzwang's Tower. When hunting in the tower your Tower Amplifier's charge will decrease until it runs out or you leave the tower. Make sure to get a full charge before going in, because if you leave the tower, your amplifier will reset to zero.

Adventure Book

The Hunter can complete steps of Capture the Mystic and Technic Kings adventure in Seasonal Garden.

Location-Specific Effects





  • Umbrella - has its image changes from closed to open during Spring


These are the shops found in Seasonal Garden.

Cheese Shoppe

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Swiss Cheese 100 gold None 100 gold
Brie Cheese 200 gold None 200 gold
Gouda Cheese 600 gold None 600 gold


Item Cost Requirement Refund
Bamboozler Base 75,000 gold None 13,500 gold
Aqua Base 115,000 gold None 20,700 gold
Spellbook Base 1,296,000 gold
1 Master Bindings
3 Torn Technic Page
3 Torn Mystic Page
None N/A
Item Power Type Cost Requirement Refund
Zugzwang's Last Move Tactical 310,000 gold None 55,800 gold
Zugzwang's First Move Tactical 615,000 gold
1 Zugzwang's Last Move
1 Magic Feather
None N/A
Mystic Pawn Pincher Tactical 300,000 gold None 54,000 gold
Technic Pawn Pincher Tactical 300,000 gold None 54,000 gold
Obvious Ambush Trap Tactical 650,000 gold
1 Droid Jetpack
None N/A
Blackstone Pass Trap Tactical 650,000 goal
1 Mystic Crystal
4 Coal
None N/A
Reaper's Perch Shadow 2,767,750 gold
1 Reaper's Perch Blueprints
6 Onyx Stone
6 Rune
None N/A
Zurreal's Folly Tactical 1 Desert Travel Almanac
1 Encyclopedia Gnawnia
6 Luscious Lumber
1 Mesh Netting
3 Ectoplasmic Essence
3 Warp Nail
3 Runestone
1 Draconic Book
1 Lich Jewel
None N/A

Charm Shoppe

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Charmbit 25 gold None 20 gold
Power Charm 150 gold None 45 gold
Luck Charm 300 gold None 90 gold
Lucky Power Charm 900 gold None 270 gold
Super Power Charm 500 gold None 150 gold
Super Luck Charm 750 gold None 225 gold
Super Lucky Power Charm 2,500 gold None 750 gold

General Store

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Curds and Whey 12 gold None 3 gold
Ionized Salt 450 gold None 150 gold


Item Cost Requirement Refund
Zugzwang Scroll Case 4 Ancient Relic None N/A

History and Trivia

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