Spooky Sandcastle 2016

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Spooky Sandcastle 2016
Region: Gnawnia
Minimum Rank: Recruit
Travel Requirement: None
Recommended Cheese: Candy Corn Cheese
Ghoulgonzola Cheese
Number of Mice: 39
Shops: Cartographer
Charm Shoppe
Cheese Shoppe
General Store
Lose Gold: No
Lose Points: No
Lose Cheese: Yes
Opening Date: 13 October 2016
Closing Date: 3 November 2016
The Sandmouse has left the dreamworld and has come here to put Gnawnia under his sleeping spell! His Spooky Sandcastle is made completely out of his magical sleep sand, causing anyone who enters to fall into a deep sleep. You will need to use both Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn cheese to trick and treat the mice, progress through your dreams and wake back up to face the Sandmouse!


The Spooky Sandcastle is a special location available during the Halloween 2016 event, requiring a minimum rank of Recruit to enter. Mice are unable to steal gold or points, but may steal multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.

Hunters must use Candy Corn Cheese and Ghoulgonzola Cheese to travel through the Spooky Sandcastle and encounter the Sandmouse. The Sandmouse will drop a Magical Pillowcase that Hunters can use to collect bonus loot from mice throughout the Kingdom

Location HUD

The Heads-Up Display shows the progress through the area.

Along the top is a background image that corresponds to the current charm (Candy, Shortcut, Spooky, Extra Spooky, or all others). On the top left is a mention of the current zone ("Haunted Dream", "Terrible Nightmare", or "Boss!"); additionally, the message will include "Area limit reached! You should swap baits!" if the Hunter has filled up the meter for the current cheese. On the top right is a link to the Spooky Shuffle mini-game.

In the center row, the left side shows the hunter's current inventory of Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn cheese, with buttons to arm or disarm them. Then there is a graphical display of all 81 hunts required per cycle through the area (15 per side in the Haunted Dream, 48 per side in the Terrible Nightmare, plus Trick and Treat, and then the boss icon for the Sandmouse).

On the bottom of the HUD is a listing of the hunter's inventory of four items and a button to arm or disarm each. Hovering over each item gives the following hints:

Pillowcase HUD

This Heads-Up Display appears above the Hunter's Journal and tracks the following items:

Selecting More Info in the upper right opens a pop-up where Hunters can craft the Pillowcase Journal Theme or travel (once they have acquired the Magical Pillowcase) to any of the locations found in the various trick-or-treat Neighbourhoods.

Magical Pillowcase

Once Hunters have defeated the Sandmouse and looted the Magical Pillowcase they can travel throughout the Kingdom collecting bonus Treats' from mice. Some mice will drop Sweet Treats that are often rare or more valuable items.

Treats and Sweet Treats are deposited into the Magical Pillowcase. Once 100 Treats in total have been collected, Hunters are able to open the Magical Pillowcase, revealing the collected loot. The loot is displayed by Neighbourhood and the mice that dropped Sweet Treats are listed along with the loot they dropped.

Opening a Magical Pillowcase will activate the Sugar Rush Aura. There is no cap to how many Treats a Magical Pillowcase can hold, but Hunters are encouraged to open it as near to 100 as possible to maximize the length of time they can benefit from the Sugar Rush Aura.

Spooky Flashlight

Hunters can collect Flashlight Batteries from mice in the Spooky Sandcastle.

Activating the Spooky Flashlight by arming Flashlight Batteries will provide Hunters with +1 movement in the Spooky Sandcastle with each successful hunt.

Each successful hunt with an active Spooky Flashlight will reward Hunters with an additional Treat or Sweet Treat throughout the Kingdom.

Until Hunters obtain a Magical Pillowcase, the Spooky Flashlight can only be turned on if Candy Corn Cheese or Ghoulgonzola Cheese are armed. Once the Magical Pillowcase has been obtained there are no bait or location restrictions on using the Spooky Flashlight.

Sugar Rush Aura

This Aura provides a 10% Power Bonus to the Hunter's trap throughout the Kingdom. It also boosts the effects of the Candy Charm.

While active, mice throughout the Kingdom may drop Spooky Shuffle Tickets and Candy Charms.

Each Magical Pillowcase opened will reward 48 hours of the Sugar Rush Aura. The aura's duration time stacks and the aura's time will be extended each time Hunters open an additional Magical Pillowcase.


  • Candy Apple and Spooky Mask are dropped by all mice in the Spooky Sandcastle.
  • Once all criteria for encountering the Trick, Treat, and Sandmouse mice have been met, each is the only mouse that can be encountered.
  • Power Types shown are the most effective, based on the in-game difficulty ranking. However, stronger traps of other power types may still be effective.

Cheese Usage

Standard Cheese will attract mice that drop Candy Corn and Ghoulgonzola cheeses.
Candy Corn and Ghoulgonzola cheeses are require to progress through the Spooky Sandcastle.



Power Type

Candy Corn






2016 Loot
Cheese Preference Haunted Dream Terrible Nightmare
Black Widow 480 10 All X X X X X X X SUPER|brie+
Bonbon Gummy Globlin 40,000 5,000 All X X X X X X
Candy Cat 4,250 1,000 All X X X X X X X X X Candy Charm
Candy Goblin 800 2,500 All X X X X X X X X
Cobweb 500 700 All X X X X X X X X Flashlight Battery
Creepy Marionette 16,000 3,000 All X X X X X Candy Charm
Dire Lycan 5,000 1,200 All X X X X X X X X X
Ghost 3,590 3,590 Shadow X X X X X X X Sock Ghost Plushie
Gluttonous Zombie 1,750 3,000 Shadow X X X X
Gourd Ghoul 20,000 5,000 All X X X X X X X X
Gourdborg 25,200 9,000 Law
X X X X X X Cackle Charm
Grave Robber 2,000 1,200 All except Rift X X X X X X Brain Charm
King's Credit
Grey Recluse 1,100 550 All X X X X
Hollowed 41,250 3,500 Rift X X X X
Hollowed Minion 100,000 30,000 Rift X X X X
Hollowhead 875 900 All X X X X X X X X X Candy Corn Cheese
Ghoulgonzola Cheese
Maize Harvester 18,000 1,000 All X X X X X X X X
Mousataur Priestess 35,000 3,250 All X X X X
Mousevina von Vermin 27,000 4,500 Shadow X X X X X X Totally Scary Cape
Phase Zombie 34,000 4,400 Rift X X X X
Pumpkin Hoarder 1,800 1,000 All X X X X X X X X
Ravenous Zombie 5,400 5,400 Shadow X X X X
Reaper 8,700 1,200 Arcane X X X X
Must catch Trick and Treat mice to encounter
30,000 5,000 All X X X X X X Magical Pillowcase
Pillowcase Theme Scrap I
Shortcut 5,500 3,100 All X X X X X X Flashlight Battery
Shortcut Charm
Spectral Butler 20,000 4,800 All X X X X X X X X
Spirit Light 1,200 500 All X X X X X
Sugar Rush 2,600 2,000 All X X X X X X X X Sugar Rush Plushie
Swamp Thang 32,500 2,750 All X X X X X X
Tech Ravenous Zombie 37,500 4,800 Rift X X X X
Teenage Vampire 1,000 900 All X X X X X X X X X
Titanic Brain-Taker 32,500 2,750 All X X X X X X
Must complete Terrible Nightmare with Candy Corn to encounter
8,100 8,400 All X X X X Flashlight Battery
Must complete Terrible Nightmare with Ghoulgonzola to encounter
8,400 8,100 All X X X X Flashlight Battery
Tricky Witch 4,250 1,000 All X X X X X X X X X Flashlight Battery
Shortcut Charm
Wild Chainsaw 2,200 1,150 All X X X X X X X X
Zombie 2,700 2,700 All X X X
Zombot Unipire 1,750 750 All X X X X X X X X X King's Credit
Zombot Unipire the Third 45,000 4,500 Rift X X X X


Neighbourhoods are groups of Locations where mice drop additional loot during the Halloween event.

Hunters must obtain a Magical Pillowcase before mice will begin to drop Treats and 'Sweet Treats in the various Neighbourhoods.

  • Journal Entries:
  • It dropped 1 x Halloween Treat into my pillowcase.
  • It dropped 1 x Sweet Halloween Treat into my pillowcase.

Activating the Spooky Flashlight by arming Flashlight Batteries will cause mice to drop 2 Treats or 2 Sweet Treats.

  • Journal entries:
  • It dropped 2 x Halloween Treats into my pillowcase.
  • It dropped 2 x Sweet Halloween Treats into my pillowcase!

Mice in the following Neighbourhoods will drop bonus Treats related to all locations within that Neighbourhood. Additionally, a smaller group of mice will drop Sweet Treats that may include rarer or more valuable items.

Gnawnian Royal Road

Spans Valour and most of Gnawnia where mice are handing out tasty treats for lower-ranked hunters. Treats found include: Cheese, Gold, King's Credits, Tournament Tokens, Gauntlet Potions, and more!

  • Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
  • Locations:

Whisker Woods Way

Spans all of Whisker Woods. Treats found include: Gnarled and Wicked Gnarly Cheese, Bolts of Cloth, orbs, and more!

  • Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
  • Locations:

Burroughs Boulevard

Spans all of the Burroughs and Bristle Woods. Treats found include: Radioactive Blue Cheese, Living Shards, Shadow Charms, Runic Cheese, Stale Cheese, and more!

  • Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
  • Locations:

Furoma Freeway

Spans all of Furoma. Treats found include: Furoma crafting items, various Pagoda Cheeses, Student Tokens, and more!

  • Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
  • Locations:

Tribal Terrace

Spans all of the Tribal Isles. Treats found include: Wide variety of Tribal Isles crafting items, cheese, and more!

  • Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
  • Locations:

Varmint Valley Alley

Spans all of Varmint Valley. Treats found include: Super Cactus Charms, Train Charms, resources, and more!

  • Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
  • Locations

Zugzwang's Tower Turnpike

Includes the Seasonal Garden, Zugzwang's Tower and Crystal Library. Treats found include: Wealth Charms, Amplifier Charms, Scrap Metal, Checkmate Cheese, orbs, and more!.

  • Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
  • Locations:

Iceberg Lane

Includes the S.S. Huntington, Slushy Shoreline and Iceberg. Treats found include: War Scraps, Scrap Metal, orbs, and more!

  • Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
  • Locations:

Sunken City Cove

A soggy neighbourhood comprised of the Sunken City, both when docked and when diving. Treats found include: Mouse Scales, Barnacles, Coral Fragments, Water Jet Charms, Scrap Metal, and more!

  • Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
  • Locations:

Sandtail Desert Drive

Spans all of the Sandtail Desert including the "Twisted Realm" of the Living Garden locations. Treats found include: Warpath Charms, Muridae supplies, petals, essences, and more!

  • Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
  • Locations:

Hollow Heights

Spans all of Hollow Heights. Treats found include: Cavern Fungus, Nightshade, Minerals, Lantern Oil, Shuffler's Cubes, Glowing Gourd Charms, and more!

  • Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
  • Locations:

Rift Route

Spans the entire Rift Plane. Treats found include: Various rift cheeses, crafting items, and more!

  • Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
  • Locations:


The Trick and Treat mice are the only mice present when Candy Corn or Ghoulgonzola cheese is armed, regardless of any charms armed, when Hunters reach the 25th square in the Terrible Nightmare.
The Sandmouse is the only mouse present when Hunters reach the Boss Encounter and does not require any charm to attract it.

  • Increases the attraction rate of zombie mice.

Hunting Strategy

Hunters must complete both sides of each section of the Spooky Sandcastle before they can move on to the next section.

  • Haunted Dream - Complete both sides by:
Hah! That Haunted Dream wasn't so scary. Time to take on the spooky mice in the Terrible Nightmare.
  • Terrible Nightmare - Complete both sides by:
With the Trick and the Treat mice subdued, The Sandmouse has nowhere to hide.
  • Boss Encounter
Upon capturing the The Sandmouse, a thick layer of fog descended and I found myself back at the beginning of the Haunted Dream.

A hunter's progress is not lost when traveling outside of the Spooky Sandcastle, but does not carry over between years.


Trick or Treat

Hunters can visit their friends' Profile pages and Ring their doorbell to trick-or-treat! Doing so will reward the Hunter with either 3 pieces of Candy Corn Cheese or 3 pieces of Ghoulgonzola Cheese.

  • You were treated!
    You received 3 Candy Corn Cheese!
    Made by adding sugary syrup and just a hint of marshmallow to ordinary white cheese, Candy Corn cheese is a sweet treat that pleases human and rodent alike. It attracts plenty of mice in the Spooky Sandcastle, where candy is the main form of sustenance for many creatures. Although Candy Corn is safe for all ages, its sweetness can be overwhelming: mice who overdo it and eat too many kernels will end up with a stomach ache and bad dreams.
  • You were tricked!
    You received 3 Ghoulgonzola Cheese!
    Brought to life by placing a pan of pumpkin-infused curd beneath a thunder bolt, Ghoulgonzola has a life of its own-- and a penchant for playing tricks on Halloween revelers. This cheese has been known to pop out of bushes in large flocks, startling passersby, and ring doorbells before flying away. Even after being caught and eaten, Ghoulgonzola will continue to make trouble, fluttering around in your tummy and making rude sounds to embarrass you in company.

Hunters can collect 10 Flashlight Batteries per day from Profile pages.

Hunters can collect 5 Flashlight Batteries from the Profile pages of inactive Hunters and can send them a message inviting them to the event.

  • I rang your doorbell but no one answered! Setup your Halloween profile cheese to Trick or Treat your friends!

Spooky Shuffle

Hunters can play a game of Spooky Shuffle, a game that works on the same premise as the Concentration/Memory card game.

Hunters must match pairs of cards to receive rewards. There are 9 pairs of cards per game and their positions remain fixed until a new game is started. Each time a Hunter fails to make a match, a Spooky Shuffle Ticket is spent. 2 Spooky Shuffle Tickets can be found in each daily Loyalty Chest. When Hunters run out of Spooky Shuffle Tickets the cards are shown as locked and the game cannot be played until the Hunter procures more Spooky Shuffle Tickets.

Matched sets remain visible until the game is complete. Some rewards shown are tied to the Hunter's rank.

Successfully completing a Spooky Shuffle game rewards the Hunter with 10 SUPER|brie+.

Treasure Maps

Hunters can hunt for Halloween event mice and earn rewards by completing Treasure Maps.

Adventure Book

Hunters can complete the Event Adventure Capture the Sandmouse.

Set out on a trick AND treating adventure of sweet proportions! Collect special cheese, then race through the Spooky Sandcastle to track down the powerful, sleepy Sandmouse!

Catch a powerful mouse

This adventure takes place in: Spooky Sandcastle

Prepare to Trick-or-Treat Your Friends

Collect Some Spooky Cheese

Besiege the Spooky Sandcastle

  • Escape the Haunted Dream
  • Survive the Terrible Nightmare

Defeat the Pumpkin Dream Guardians

Location: The Spooky Sandcastle
Location: The Spooky Sandcastle

Capture the King of the Castle

Location: The Spooky Sandcastle

Collect Some Spooky Loot

  • Earn a Pillowcase from catching the Sandmouse to collect special spooky loot from mice!
  • Open a Pillowcase and see what's inside!
  • Open your Pillowcase 3 times!



These are the shoppes found in the Spooky Sandcastle.


Sealed Halloween Scroll Case 4 Ancient Relic

Charm Shoppe

Halloween Candy, Rift Candy, and Cobwebs are leftover currencies from previous Halloween events. They cannot be obtained during this event.

Item Cost Ea.
Spooky Charm 600 gold
1 Ghoulgonzola Cheese
1 Candy Corn Cheese
Extra Spooky Charm 850 gold
1 Ghoulgonzola Cheese
1 Candy Corn Cheese
Candy Charm 1 Halloween Candy
Super Rift Vacuum Charm 1 Rift Candy
Haunted Ultimate Luck Charm 1 Cobweb

Cheese Shoppe

Cost Ea.
Refund Ea.
Cheddar Cheese 10 10
Marble Cheese 50 50
Swiss Cheese 100 100
Brie Cheese 200 200

General Store

Item Cost Ea.
Completed Halloween Theme 9,000 gold
2 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
Completed Spooky Halloween Theme 59,000 gold
2 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
Completed Undead Halloween Theme 90,000 gold
2 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
Rift Halloween Journal Theme 190,000 gold
2 Spooky Shuffle Tickets

Requires Null Gauntlet (not spent)


Item Cost
(Items Spent)
(Items Not Spent)
Eerie Base 120,000 gold 230,000 points to Equip
Eerier Base 320,000 gold Own an Eerie Base to purchase
320,000 points to Equip


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