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As hunters travel around the world of MouseHunt, they will occasionally find maps and keys while catching mice. These inventory items grant hunters access to new locations. The difficulty in acquiring a particular map or key depends on the difficulty of the mouse relative to their trap power. As only some mice hold them, hunters will usually need to catch at least a few before finding what they want. Some map pieces must be crafted, or purchased from a Cartographer.

In many cases, it is possible for a hunter to obtain a map piece while ranked with a lower Title than what is required to travel to the locations unlocked by that map piece.

The map pieces owned by a hunter can be found on the Map Pieces tab under the Travel section. Additionally, each Hunter's Profile includes a status of how many of the 28 map pieces a hunter owns, as one of the lists on the Items tab.


Gnawnia Map Piece

You start the game with this basic map piece, which gives you access to the Meadow, Town of Gnawnia, the Windmill, the Harbour and the Mountains.

The Gnawnia Map Piece grants hunters access to all locations within the Gnawnia region. All hunters start with the map already in their inventory.


King's Gauntlet Floorplan

This floor plan has been commissioned directly by the King of Gnawnia. Below the King’s seal is this note: Vend only to those who show remarkable valour in the name of the royal crown, and its jewels. The Cartographer has been working hard to produce a surplus of floor plans!

The King's Gauntlet Floorplan grants hunters access to the King's Gauntlet. It can be obtained by buying the map from the Cartographer in the Bazaar for 50,000 gold, after catching a Master Burglar Mouse with a Crown Jewel.

Trivia: When the King's Gauntlet was released, the Floorplan's description included the following sentence, For a limited time, when you order a Floor plan it will be ready in an hour instead of the normal two days! However, when the introductory collection time of 1 hour was no longer available, the completion time was changed to 1 day rather than the 2 days originally suggested. Prior to July 29 2015, the Floorplan was obtained at the Harbour instead of the Bazaar.

Whisker Woods

Calm Clearing Map Piece

The Calm Clearing Map Piece grants hunters access to the Calm Clearing, Claw Shot City and Gnawnian Express Station

New Description and source

A pirate crew in the Harbour dropped this map, which depicts a peaceful-looking clearing in the Whisker Woods region.

Obtain this map piece during the Initiate adventure: Discover the Harbour's Secrets

Hunters must earn 5 Pirate Bounties in the Harbour. Each bounty will award one A Map Scrap and when all 5 are combined through the Harbour HUD, the Hunter will be awarded with the Calm Clearing Map Piece.

Old Description and Source

A Granite mouse dropped this piece of map, which depicts a peaceful-looking clearing in the Whisker Woods region.

The Calm Clearing Map Piece grants hunters access to the Calm Clearing and Claw Shot City. It can be obtained by successfully catching a Granite Mouse in the Harbour.


  • The name was changed from Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece with the introduction of the Adventure Book.
  • The source was changed with the introduction of Pirate Crews in the Harbour. Hunters who already owned the map piece did not need to re-earn it.

Great Gnarled Tree Map Piece

This map piece, which is dropped by Cyclops mice in the Calm Clearing, allows you to travel to the Great Gnarled Tree.

The Great Gnarled Tree Map Piece grants hunters access to the Great Gnarled Tree. It can be obtained by successfully catching a Cyclops Mouse in the Calm Clearing.

Map of the Lagoon

The Fairy Mice of the Great Gnarled Tree dropped this map piece, which shows the way to the Lagoon. This looks like a dangerous area, and may require special bait.

The Map of the Lagoon grants hunters access to the Lagoon. It can be obtained by successfully catching a Fairy Mouse carrying the map in the Great Gnarled Tree.


Laboratory Map Piece

A Ninja* mouse dropped a map piece for you to find! There's a path to what looks like a Laboratory printed on it.

The Laboratory Map Piece grants hunters access to the Laboratory. It can be obtained by successfully catching an Abominable Show Mouse in the Mountain.

The map piece was temporarily obtainable as a gift from the Festive Gift Shoppe during the Great Winter Hunt '09 event. Hunters could not purchase the map piece for themselves but instead had to receive it as a gift from another hunter.

  • The map piece was a loot drop from the Ninja Mouse until the hunting mechanics were changed in the Mountain on 7 November 2017. The map piece description is currently incorrect and still lists the Ninja Mouse as the source.

Key to the Town of Digby

This key, which is dropped by Dwarf mice in the laboratory, grants access to the Town of Digby. Don't forget your mining helmet!

The Key to the Town of Digby grants hunters access to the Town of Digby. It can be obtained by successfully catching a Dwarf Mouse in the Laboratory.

Tattered Mousoleum Map

The Zombie mouse did quite a number on this old map piece... it shows the way to The Mousoleum, but if you get it repaired, it may reveal an even spookier location.

The Tattered Mousoleum Map grants hunters access to the Mousoleum. It can be obtained by successfully catching a Zombie Mouse in the Town of Digby.

Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar

This ticket grants access to the Burroughs Bazaar, and is dropped by a few varieties of mice in the Training Grounds.

The Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar grants hunters access to the Bazaar. It can be obtained by successfully catching an Archer Mouse in the Training Grounds.


Shredded Furoma Map Piece

This tattered piece of map gives access to the Training Grounds in Furoma. The Lycan mouse gave it quite a tear, but the Cartographer at the Bazaar might be able to restore it.

The Shredded Furoma Map Piece grants hunters access to the Training Grounds. It can be obtained by successfully catching a Lycan Mouse in the Mousoleum.

Stitched Furoma Map Piece

Hunters often find pieces of the Furoma map slightly shredded by the claws of mice. A skilled cartographer is able to restore this shredded map by stitching a patch over the damaged area to reveal additional detail.

The Stitched Furoma Map Piece grants hunters access to the Dojo, Meditation Room, and Pinnacle Chamber. It can only be obtained by taking the Shredded Furoma Map Piece to the Cartographer in the Bazaar for repair.

Prior to 29 July 2015, the repair took approximately a day to finish. During this time, the hunter wasn't able to access the Training Grounds if that was their only copy of the map.

Bristle Woods

Repaired Mousoleum Map Piece

Research suggests that mystery lies below the Mousoleum! This patch can be applied to a Tattered Mousoleum Map to reveal new possible hunting grounds. Restoring ancient cloth requires a great deal of time and skill and does not come cheap.

The Cartographer suspects that a hunter will need the title of Legendary to understand the secrets revealed.

The Repaired Mousoleum Map Piece grants hunters access to the Catacombs. It can be obtained by taking the Tattered Mousoleum Map to the Cartographer in the Bazaar for repair. The repairs costs 160,000 gold.

Keeper's Candle

With the flame of the Keeper mice in your hands, you can see your way to the Forbidden Grove through the darkened tunnels of the Catacombs.

The Keeper's Candle grants hunters access to the Acolyte Realm and the Forbidden Grove. It can be obtained by successfully catching a Keeper Mouse in the Catacombs.

Note: A hunter must be in the Forbidden Grove in order to gain access to the Acolyte Realm. Every now and then, when the "gates" to the Forbidden Grove close, hunters inside the Forbidden Grove will be transported to the Acolyte Realm upon catching a Realm Ripper Mouse.


S.S. Huntington III

This boat was built using a variety of nautical supplies and hundreds of thousands of interlocking hull fragments. Its reinforced hull and sturdy rigging allow you to sail the waters of the Rodentia Ocean, and is one of the few vessels capable of breaching the dangerous Iceberg.

Description prior to 24 May 2012 was: You built this boat using a variety of nautical supplies. Its waterproof hull and sturdy rigging allow you to sail the waters of the Rodentia Ocean.

Description prior to 21 September 2010 was: This fine vessel has been granted permission by the King to sail the open ocean east of Gnawnia. Who knows what strange hunting gounds are out there just waiting to be discovered..?

The S.S. Huntington III grants hunters access to S.S. Huntington III‎. It can be crafted using either of the following formulas.

Formula 1: S.S. Huntington III
Description Qty Cost (Each)
King's Reserve Bubbleh 1 210,000 / Loot
Ship Blueprints 1 Loot
Scrap Metal 18 Loot
Bolt of Cloth 70 3,000 / Loot
Rope 100 600 / Loot
Splintered Wood 900 150 / Loot
Total 0 – 615,000

Unchristened Ship

A mighty ocean vessel awaiting a name. Smash a a bottle of the King's Bubbleh over its stern to be ready to sail to ocean!

The Unchristened Ship is the incomplete version of the Ship. Before MouseHunt updated to Version 3.0 on 8 June 2010, Legendary hunters were encouraged to follow Formula 2.1 and 2.2 to craft the Ship in order to ensure crafting success.

Formula 2.1: Unchristened Ship
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Ship Blueprints 1 Loot
Scrap Metal 18 Loot
Bolt of Cloth 70 3,000 / Loot
Rope 100 600 / Loot
Splintered Wood 900 150 / Loot
Total 0 – 405,000

If you used Formula 2.1 to craft the Unchristened Ship, you complete the crafting of S.S. Huntington III with the following formula:

Formula 2.2: Christened Ship
Description Qty Cost (Each)
King's Reserve Bubbleh 1 210,000 / Loot
Unchristened Ship 1 Crafting
Total 0 – 615,000

Icebreaker License

This paper authorizes the bearer to brave the dangerous and icy shores of Gnawnia. Massive amounts of slush have been hitting the beaches, and floating in amongst it are dangerous mice. Push the invaders back from the castle walls and find out who or what is behind this attack!
You must be the rank of Lord/Lady to travel to this dangerous area.

The Icebreaker License grants hunters access to the Slushy Shoreline. Hunters with 25,000,000 points can obtain the map from the Cartographer in either the Harbour or the S.S. Huntington III for 145,000 gold.

Zugzwang's Scarf

This strange scarf came out of the Dragon's Chest. Apparently, Zugzwang was serious about keeping the moths out of his clothing. The scarf is surprisingly heavy even considering it's odd construction. It doesn't seem to be a very comfortable scarf either, however, Bubbles the giant overprotective octopus seems cowed by its intangible air of power. He should let you travel to the mysterious floating island as long as you have his master's scarf in hand.

Zugzwang's Scarf gives access to the Seasonal Garden. It can be obtained from the Dragon's Chest or as loot from Icewing.

Zugzwang's Tower Key

In this key, the four seasonal powers combine to overwhelm the seal on Zugzwang's Tower. Unlock the door, but beware: the mice within this tower play a dangerous game, and only the strongest player will achieve a checkmate.

Zugzwang's Tower Key gives access to the Zugzwang's Tower. It can be crafted using the following formula:

Formula: Zugzwang's Tower Key
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Fall Key Shard 1 Loot
Spring Key Shard 1 Loot
Summer Key Shard 1 Loot
Winter Key Shard 1 Loot
Total 0

Crystal Library Card

This beautiful card is actually a teleporter that will warp you inside Zugzwang's Crystal Library... so long as you are permitted to enter by the owner. Upon Zugzwang's disappearance, ownership of the Crystal Library has been passed down to the King of Gnawnia.

The Crystal Library Card gives access to Crystal Library. There is a chance of obtaining it when catching a Knight, Bishop, Rook or Queen from either side of the Zugzwang's Tower.

Sunken Souvenir

Sandtail lore speaks of a city that was once perched on the far eastern cliffs of the desert until the arid soil cracked and shifted, causing the city to slide into the sea. The story is popular amoungst the thirsty mice in the desert. Just imagine, a city with an endless supply of water!

This small souvenir is said to lead the way to the Sunken City where challenges for Count/Countess hunters and above await.

The Sunken Souvenir gives access to the Sunken City. It can be purchased from the Muridae Market Cartographer for 228,000 Gold and 90 Molten Glass.

During the week of 2-9 July 2014, this additional paragraph was present in the description, and hunters did not need the 90 Molten Glass:
The Cartographer normally charges 90 Molten Glass for this souvenir. However, for a limited time, the cost of the glass is being waived to have hunters explore the Sunken City as soon as possible!

Varmint Valley

Fort Rox Battle Summons

The King's Royal Defense Marshal has sent a battle summons to all available hunters requesting assistance in defending Fort Rox. Provide some Fool's Gold to prove your worth in taking up this challenge!

Beyond the sandy mountains of Varmint Valley, a rather large chunk of meteorite has burrowed itself into the ground. Around this crater, a fort has sprung up in order to defend the valley from the strangely transformed mice that have begun to invade the area.

An area of danger and adventure for Baron/Baroness hunters and above to explore!

The Fort Rox Battle Summons grants hunters access to Fort Rox. It can be purchased from the Claw Shot City Cartographer for 25 Fool's Gold.

Tribal Isles

Ocean Navigation Kit

Crafted from a Telescope, Sextant, and Compass, this kit allows Hunters to sail further out into the ocean than ever before. With this newfound freedom, you'll be able to explore the Tribal Isles.

Description prior to 21 September 2010 was: This handy kit allows for navigation of the Rodentia Ocean, far past the shores of Gnawnia to the exotic Tribal Isles.

The Ocean Navigation Kit grants hunters access to the Tribal Isles. It can be crafted using the following formula:

Formula: Ocean Navigation Kit
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Compass 1 Loot
Sextant 1 Loot
Telescope 1 Loot
Total 0

Balack's Lantern

This magical lantern, lit with a Dragon Ember is the only light source hot enough to remain lit in the dampness of Balack's Cove.

Balack's Lantern grants hunters access to Balack's Cove. It can be crafted using the following formula:

Formula: Balack's Lantern
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Antique Lantern 1 94,000
Dragon Ember 3 Loot
Total 94,000

Sandtail Desert

Sandtail Call to Arms

Noble Hunter,

Word of your capture of the Zugzwang's King Mice has reached Gnawnia! I wish to congratulate you, however, we'll have to postpone celebrations.

A powerful army of mice is preparing to invade Gnawnia by route of the Lagoon. Your experience makes you the perfect hunter to help. Please, head West of the Lagoon to the Sandtail Desert before it's too late!

His Royal Majesty, The King

Your Royal Majesty, The King

Sandtail Call to Arms grants access to Fiery Warpath. It is obtained as a reward for completing Capture the Mystic and Technic Kings in the Adventure Book.

Living Garden Key

This key provides access to the enchanted Living Garden that sits atop the fortified Muridae Market.

Recent Marching Flame attacks have destroyed the magical desert flowers that once grew within the garden. Until these precious flowers have fully regrown, no hunters will be permitted into the area.

The Living Garden Key grants access to Living Garden. It is obtained from the Cartographer at the Muridae Market.

Hollow Heights

Fungal Cavern Map Piece

A recent settling of sand near the southern edge of the desert has revealed a hidden passageway into an underground cavern.

The Fungal Cavern is the site of an underground aquifer, a damp place full of mushrooms and poisonous plants. The walls are rich with Minerals and sparkling Gemstones that reflect and scatter what little light enters the cave.

An area of danger and adventure for Duke/Duchess hunters and above to explore!

The Fungal Cavern Map Piece grants access to the Fungal Cavern. It is priced at 230,000 gold and can be obtained from the Cartographer at the Muridae Market.

Labyrinth Key

This is some kind of strange and intricate device made entirely of stone. It seems to depict a large maze carved into a miniaturized mountain range. As you examine the small device, minuscule floors of the complex maze slowly shift and move around creating an infinitely more incomprehensible maze. Some hunters have discovered a relief in the deepest depths of the Fungal Cavern that when deposited, causes the walls to shift, open up and reveal an entrance to the Labyrinth.

A dangerous design that can be deciphered by hunters ranked no less than that of Duke/Duchess. Those of lesser rank seem not to make it back...

The Labyrinth Key grants access to the Labyrinth and the city of Zokor . It requires 1 Crystal Crucible and 30,000 gold and can be obtained from the Cartographer in the Fungal Cavern.

Moussu Picchu Climbing Route

This route map reveals a long and treacherous mountain passage that seems to lead high up into the sky. Thick clouds make it difficult to see what lies ahead and strong gusts of wind make the daunting climb difficult.

You will need to gather a set of climbing gear from Zokor before the Cartographer will give you the route.

While you are climbing, keep an eye out for a nameless trail leading to a lookout point that gives you a crazy nice panoramic view of a neighbouring lake.

This treacherous route can only be surmounted by hunters ranked Grand Duke/Duchess or above.

The Moussu Picchu Climbing Route grants access to Moussu Picchu. It requires 1 Climbing Grapnel of Tech dropped by the Manaforge Smith, 1 Climbing Boots of Fealty dropped by the Paladin Weapon Master, 1 Climbing Vine of Scholars dropped by the Soul Binder and 50,000 gold and can be obtained from the Labyrinth Cartorgrapher or Zokor Cartographer.

Rift Plane

Rift Detector

Carefully calibrated and powered by Living Garden Essences, this technological breakthrough gives one the ability to detect otherworldly dimensional Rifts!

Could this explain where or how the magical Gnawnian mice infestation originated...?

The Rift Detector grants access to the Rift Plane. It can be purchased for 120,000 gold and 5 Dol Essences at the Living Garden/Twisted Garden Cartographer, with no wait time and no additional requirements.

This piece could also be obtained early from 25 March to 1 April 2014 for 25,000 gold at the Vacant Lot Cartographer by hunters that had collected Limited Edition Collectibles associated with the Moussile Mouse.

Queso Canyon

Queso Dowsing Rod

Imbued with the power of Dawn Dust, this Dowsing Rod will lead you to Queso Canyon, a region where magical spices grow near a massive river surging with delicious liquid queso!

The Queso Dowsing Rod grants access to Queso River, Prickly Plains, and Cantera Quarry. It can be purchased for 200,000 gold, 1 Inert Queso Dowsing Rod and 50 Dawn Dusts at the Fort Rox Cartographer, with no wait time and no additional requirements.


Balack's Lantern Calm Clearing Map Piece Crystal Library Card Fungal Cavern Map Piece
Fort Rox Battle Summons Gnawnia Map Piece Great Gnarled Tree Map Piece Icebreaker License
Keeper's Candle Key to the Town of Digby King's Gauntlet Floorplan Laboratory Map Piece
Labyrinth Key Living Garden Key Map of the Lagoon Ocean Navigation Kit
Repaired Mousoleum Map Rift Detector S.S. Huntington III Sandtail Call to Arms
Shredded Furoma Map Piece Stitched Furoma Map Piece Sunken Souvenir Tattered Mousoleum Map
Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar Unchristened Ship Zugzwang's Scarf Zugzwang's Tower Key
Moussu Picchu Climbing Route Queso Dowsing Rod

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